Organising the unorganised mum

I will openly admit, being organised doesn't come naturally to me. I almost have to force it. I have to make sure I write everything down, stick notes on the fridge or black board and write EVERYTHING on my family planner. Even with the best intentions to stay organised, I still end up being late or forgetting.

I have been known to forget doctors appointments, turn up to birthday parties an hour late because I got the location wrong. I've forgotten "play dates" , to buy cards and presents for celebrations and being "that mum" who looks like she has literally rolled out of bed to get her daughter to school just as the gates are closing.

I don't do it on purpose its just who I am. I would love to be a naturally organised person who always has my s*#t together, but I don't. Some weeks are better than others and when I make take the time to be organised it does actually work...who knew!?!

so if your an unorganised mum desperately trying to be organised like me. here are some tried and tested tips, that when followed, actually make you organised!

* lists- have a note pad or a chalk board up where you will see it and write down anything important you need to remember or do, like "post office" , "buy milk and bread before school pick up" " go to the dump", regular things I forget to do unless I jot them down.

* calendar or diary/phone planner- find some form of dated format that works for you to keep on top of important dates and events. I make a conscious effort to write things down on the calendar as they happen rather than thinking, oh I will add that to the calendar later, if its there do it there and then! an extra tip, if like me you have a habit of loosing or throwing things away, write down addresses of places on your calendar so you not hunting for that party invite 10 minutes before you need to leave to find the sodding address (hence why I was an hour said for a party) it really does help having everything in one place.

* preparation- preparing the night before really helps. if you can afford it, buy enough school uniform for the week so you only have to worrying about doing a school uniform wash once a week. Ironing it all at the weekend and then your children are set for the week and there are no panic febreezing the uniform moments (I've never done that honest...**hands head in shame) over Easter I'm going to invest in a few extra items so I don't have this worry. Prep packed lunches, changing bags school bags, p.e bags all the night before.

*Meal plan- this really does work and also lowers the weekly shopping bill. if you know what your having, dinner time will be less of a mad rush to prepare and cook.

*cleaning routine- i did a video on my channel which i will link below, but spreading out the weekly chores and doing a little each day really helps me stay on top of everything.

* set an alarm- I am not a morning person at all but when I give myself enough time in the mornings  I can get everything done, be on time, look somewhat presentable and on a really really good day I'm even early...shocker!! decide how much time you realistically need to get sorted in the mornings. the more you do it, the less it will feel like a chore and become a habit.

i hope these tips help and if there is anything else that you think will help me became a more organised mum then please let me know in the comments below. I filmed a video on my channel that i will link below on how I try to stay organised.

Thanks for reading.


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