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 For today's blog post I have the lovely Alice from "Yorkshire linens" to guest host,  and tell you all why you should consider bringing some "monochrome" into your life...mainly the bedroom! 

Here is Alice and her top tips for going all things monochrome! 

Hi- Let me introduce myself to you, I am Alice- a newbie blogger who is love-struck with everything that is home & home decoration related. Stop by my blog here & you will make my day! A special thanks to Tasha for letting be share my thoughts with you!
5 Reasons to Experiment WithMonochrome Duvet Covers
Monochrome is not an instinctive choice for bedroom décor, but here are five reasons why you should at least think about going black and white in the duvet department. Some people immediately love monochrome features, others need to be persuaded into it – still others hate the very idea! Even if you fall into the latter category, check out the ideas below and see if they succeed in changing your mind!

1- Emphasis!
Investing in monochrome duvet and bedding sets allows you to splash on the colour elsewhere in the room's décor. Colours that might be too strong or even overpowering in a more traditionally painted and wallpapered room serve to lighten and brighten against the grim shades of black and white, creating an effective and memorable décor scheme that will charm and impress all who see it.

2- Show the View
If you are lucky enough to have a breath-taking or dramatic view from your bedroom window, opting for a monochrome décor scheme can take advantage of this, providing a glorious contrast with whatever lies outside your window, be it a wide city-space, a magnificent mountain or even an urban golf course.

3- Cool Minimalism
While some people like to have lively décor with pictures and knick-knacks and a profusion of colour, others need to have a clutter-free bedroom, with little to distract them and nothing extraneous added. For these minimalist souls, monochrome duvets sets, like those seen even in supermarkets like Tesco, can provide a happy medium between the clean, stripped down look that they love and the risk of ending up with a rather dull, cheerless bedroom – which nobody wants!
4- Centre Your Zen With Monochrome Duvets
Beautiful monochrome duvets, like the ones on offer from Yorkshire Linen, can form the backdrop to a very soothing ambiance. If you have a hectic and busy life, you may crave a calming, neutral haven where you can go to ground and recharge your batteries. Monochrome does not have to be boring, but the requirement for black, white and shades of grey do mean that your décor palette is bound to be muted and restful – perfect for restoring your peace of mind.

5- Put Vision in the Back Seat
By deliberately opting for a muted colour scheme, such as monochrome, you tend to take the pressure off your sense of vision – usually the sense that overrides all the others – and allows the others a chance to thrive. Lie back on your bed and allow the scent of lavender to soothe you to sleep, while music or bird song helps you to drift off, all the while enjoying the sensation of cool crisp cotton or cuddly warm flannelette against your skin.

Thank you for reading and a huge thank you to Alice for her Inspiring  blog post. I will deffinantly be trying out some monochrome in my home.


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