What's in my baby's changing bag

I love reading and watching these posts online so I thought I would do one. A changing bag is one of the most important mummy essentials. This bag could rival Mary poppins bag. From nappies to toys this bag has just about everything a mummy could possibly need for any situation.

I currently use the pink linings, yummy mummy changing bag. Plain jane in mint green. I will do a separate blog post on the bag itself. So here is what I carry in mine for my 17th month old.

For baby...
Nappies (obviously)

Wipes. These will be used for bottoms, face, hands, spills and cleaning up messes. 

Nappy sacks, scented! Trust me you will be thankful you brought the scented ones.

Nappy cream. I use either sudacrem or metanium.

Change of clothes. I won't lie there have been times I have got cocky and thought u won't need spare clothes in there. Cue a poo explosion and me traveling home with a baby in a nappy and a blanket. (Mum fail)

Spoon (for weaned babies) you never know when you might be caught of guard and running later than you thought and need to bio in somewhere to grab some lunch for bubba so always have one spare.

Drinks water/ milk depending on babies age

Bibs, at least 3!

Teething powders. You never know when those dressed teeth will start niggling.

Sun cream (during summer months)

Hat. Winter or summer depending on time of year.

Snacks.I like to take organix snacks with me. There tasty and easy for in the go! 

Toys. Rattles, teething toys are always a hit!

Spare dummy.

For me...
Purse. To spend my money!

Water and cereal bar. Mummy fuel!


Phone. Let's face it we never leave the house without it.

Hand sanitiser. Your be thankful for this stuff after changing your baby.

Sunglasses (if there not already on my head) those who know me well, know I never leave the house without my sunglasses no matter the weather.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. What do you carry in your changing bag? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.


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