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So I am very excited about this blog post and it may be a little long but do bare with me.

If you follow me on Instagram (@livingtrmummylife for those of you who don't) you will know that I like to shop! I love to buy pretty accessorise for my home to update and add that homely touch. 

I really begrudged paying an extortionate amount of money for anything, and I will be the first to go on a bargain hunt or track down the latest sales. I do believe you get what you pay for...However,since coming across B&M stores I have eaten my words and have been proven wrong! You can buy decent, good quality items for a fraction of the price from high end stores.

Again if you have been following my blog or Instagram, I have featured items purchased from B&M in photos and blog posts. If you don't know what b&m is, it's a fantastic store that sells just about everything imaginable for your home (minus large appliances for your home like fridges and cookers but there not fun to buy anyway!) from toothpaste to TV cabinets this shop does it all and stocks a beautiful selection of homeware and accessorise, which are becoming more of a feature in every room of my house.

So I was extremely excited and honoured to be able to team up with them for this blog post! I was set a challenge by B&M to see what I could buy from there store with £10 for my home. I have chosen to give my dressing table abit of an update. 

Here is what I purchased.

3 piece accessory set, which contains  a 4 drawer storage box, picture frame and trinket tray. (Rrp £18) b&m sell for £5.99!

Decorative birdcage tea light holder £2.99

Small decorative glass jar 99p

The drawer set I thought would be ideal to store hair bands and clips. Along with small pieces of jewlery. I have also kept my lip balms and my small tubes of hand cream in them.

The photo frame came part of the set but I think it's lovely to add a personal touch to a dressing table with a photo of a loved one.

The trinket tray is ideal to keep the pieces  of jewlery you wear everyday, that you would take off at night before bed. It keeps them safe whilst looking pretty.

The bird cage tea light holder I thought was beautiful and within keeping of the style of my bedroom. I love the vintage and shabby chic look so I had to have this. I'm a bit candle lover and light one every evening so this was a must have for my dressing table.

The glass jar I brought with the idea of storeing my hair clips in but after choosing the tea ligt holder, I have chosen to store tea lights in it instead! I have a larger one of these in my living room stored with tea lights and it's a pretty way to store them. I also have one my dressing table, a large one filled with cotton pads to remove my makeup with ,so this smaller jar could also be used for that.

Here is how I have displayed these pieces in my dressing table.

Thank you so much for reading and I really hope you have enjoyed this post and the items I have shared with you. Check out the link posted below to see where your nearest B&M store is. I hope this has shown you what you can purchase on a small budget but without compromising on style or quality.


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