My children's "play corner"

Most mums will probably agree that their childrens toys tend to take over the house, and if you arnt lucky enough to have a play room it's the living room that gets destroyed!

My children are 3 and almost 1 so they still play downstairs the majority of the time. During the day I accept my lounge with turn into a chaotic mess of cars, Barbie dolls, building blocks, balls and whatever else they pull out the box. But of an evening I like to sit back and relax and hates feeling like I am living in an aisle of "toys r us". So I decided to create a "play corner" for the toys. 

Most of the toys are stored away in their bedrooms and I try to rotate them every so often so they don't get bored. So the ones that are downstairs I wanted them to be easily accessible but tucked away nicely. I'm lucky enough that I have a long living so I could section the "play corner" with one of my sofas. Don't worry if you don't have the space to section the area off, just choosing a corner of your living room as the childrens "play area" will work just as well.

I made a trip to IKEA and purchased so spice racks which I have used as book shelves and I brought a large car mat style rug as I have wooden flooring throughout my downstairs, so I wanted some sort of carpet for the area. Plus the children play on the rug for their cars and barbies so it has a duel purpose.

I got a large wicker basket from TKMaxx. They do all sorts of sizes so you can get one to suite you. I then rearranged the toys so they were easily accessible for the children and so they still had some space to play in that area.

They love the "play corner" and I'm sure I will make some updates in the near furture. The links below are for the IKEA products that I purchased if you are wanting use then for your home.

I hope this post has given you some ideas or inspiration for storing your childrens toys.

Thank you for reading!

Tasha xxx

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