The little bunny that changed my life...the sleepytot!

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One thing that every parent of a newborn dreads, is the possibility of sleepless nights. With Elise we were blessed with lots of peaceful nights. A lot of this I put down to the fact she sucked her thumb , so she self soothed from a very young age. Don't get me wrong we had bad nights when she was teething or poorly, but for the most part she was an angel at night. Charlie however...different story. He slept great for the first two days and then that was it.

To be fair to him the first month was due to colic and once we changed his milk and bottles he was a different baby. Then came the dummy issue. Looking back now I really regret giving him the dummy. Purely because he became so reliant on it at night time. If he stirred and the dummy had fallen out of his mouth he would cry untill it was put back in. I initially gave him the dummy to help soothe him due to the terrible time he had with colic, and during the day it was fab, but night time was a different story.

Four months of endless sleepless nights due to his blooming dummy, I was just about at my breaking point. I read about and asked endless advice on what to do and none of it worked or I didn't feel comfortable doing. Until a Facebook friend reccomended the SLEEPYTOT!
This small cream bunny changed mine and Charlie's life! It's a small cuddly toy/ comforter with Velcro hands and feet so you can attach the dummy's to the bunny, and the idea is that your baby will be able to find the dummy and put it back in their mouth themselves. It took Charlie a couple of weeks to fully get the hang of it and by 5 months old he was sleeping through!!! It amazed me to see a 5 month old baby feel around for this bunny comforter and place the dummy back in his mouth. Now aside from him teething and the odd occasion that the bunny has fallen out the cot, we are all getting our sleep.

I can't reccomend this sleepytot enough. It cost £10 from jojomamonbebe and it was the best £10 I have ever spent. It comes in four different colours and can even be Purchased in a larger sized bunny. Charlie loves his bunny and he goes everywhere with us. It's machine washable to which is fab. I will admit the Velcro has worn a little but you can easily replace the Velcro for as a little as a couple of pound by purchasing some Velcro tabs.I will link the site where you can purchase this bunny. So if you have a baby who loves there dummy or are thinking of giving your baby a dummy, go buy yourself the sleepytot bunny! I can assure you it will be one of your best purchases.

To purchase the sleepytot...

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